Word of the Lord to Prophet Belinda Spannenberg

Yes you shall be the FIRST FRUIT on the foundation of the house of God I am repairing in this season. Yes the UNITY of my people shall usher in this last move of a glory; Unity among race, Unity among cultures, Unity among tribes & Unity among tongues. For you Awaken Global have been called to be carriers and releases of my glory in the earth. This glory is released through cross pollination of many streams who combine into one mighty rushing river

Yes the cross pollination of many races for this ministry shall be a House of Prayer to many nations to many people groups to many cultures. There shall be many multi racial ,multi cultural ,multi national unions in this ministry as it bears the spiritual and prophetic dna of who i ordained you to be Awaken Global. A place where all tribes and tongues can find their place and space and A house to carry and release my glory

And a union of black and white. So that the FULLNESS OF MY GLORY MAY BE MADE MANIFEST IN THE EARTH

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